Bontle Buhle Trading Enterprises (Pty) Ltd (t/a BBTE Debt Collectors) a debt collection Call Centre, operates in a joint venture with Moloto Stofile Inc, a firm of commercial attorneys, to provide integrated service from pre-litigation debt collection up to litigation as one entity.

BBTE is a credit management and debt recovery company specialising in high volume debt collection. Our main objective is to provide solutions to satisfy our clients’ needs by initially gaining a thorough understand of our client’s values and priorities, and needs. We main objective is to deliver an efficient, tailor-made credit management & debt collection services at competitive rates. We provide the following:

Tailor-made debt collection solutions
We will design an optimal collections solution that meets your organisation’s unique recovery needs. We provide Comprehensive Debt Collection Service which includes pre-litigation soft and litigation- hard collection.

Care for your data
We use modern cutting edge technology and other tracing tools and methodologies to improve the reliability and accuracy of the debtor’s data, while adopting the highest standards to protect your data from loss, damage and unauthorised access in adherence with the POPI Act.
Team of experts
We combine expertise in debt collection, data analysis, management and processing science and a thorough understanding of business. Our team of experts include highly- qualified debt collection specialists, data scientists, business analysts, and technology support resources.

Disaster Recovery
We have the appropriate “Data Loss Prevention” software (DLP) and encryption to protect the call centre from information leakages.

Litigation/ hard collection
When debtors are recalcitrant Moloto Stofile Inc takes the debt collection over from BBTE by instituting legal action in court.

4th Floor Marble Tower
208-212 Jeppes Street
Johannesburg, 2001
010 591 9302
086 606 2163