South Africa’s legal and regulatory framework is constantly changing to deal with challenges in the post-apartheid era, as a third world economy and living up to the dictates of being a constitutional state. These changes create policy instability and challenges in the compliance and governance of many institutions requiring legal interpretation and clarity. Our diverse experience in public sector law matters means that we are regularly called upon to draft expert opinions for our clients on points of law.

What we do
We regularly provide legal assistance to clients on various types of regulatory work.

Our Services
  • assisting with development and drafting of legislation and regulations for specific sector groups;
  • reviewing and advising on the impact of legislation on projects intended to be implemented by government including the need for change in legislation;
  • assisting local municipalities with regard to enforcing compliance with zoning requirements, on the part of residents and business communities;
  • Our involvement has entailed the review of draft legislation and regulations, preparing comments thereon for submission to the relevant authority and making presentations at the relevant authority (including Parliament) on draft legislation and regulations focusing on the impact of the client and the industry as a whole;
  • reviewing and advising departments and public entities on the application and impact of the Public Finance Management Act, 1 of 1999 (“PFMA”) including Treasury Regulations, and conducting workshops thereon;
  • and advising, on competitive bidding processes, and reviewing regulatory framework for various restructuring transactions and other projects that we are involved in;
  • and generally providing advice and opinions on compliance with other regulatory and license requirements, to both public and private sector clients;
  • advising on the governance framework for the City of Johannesburg such as enforcement of by-laws providing legal opinions on the MFMA, Municipal Systems Act, Companies Act and other statutes impacting on municipalities;